Author: juvairiah jazeela

December 4, 2020
Parametric Architecture–Computation That Made the Impossible Possible

This could be the next great style in architecture, according to Patrik Schumacher. Wonder why your professor rejects your concept of fluidity in form, but a similar Zaha Hadid design is bagging awards? We all failed to answer the question, Why and how the building is going to take shape? How is this latest trend in architecture astounding us with forms defying the conventional laws of architecture? We will find our […]

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September 2, 2020
Nalukettu - The Heart of a Tharavad

From asking a fellow Malayali "Naatil evidaya" to hitting the road to our ancestral home for a break, we seek solace in going back to our roots. A striking shape of Kerala’s heritage homes (Tharavad) is ‘the courtyard house’ (the nalukettu). Although cities have startled us with its skyscrapers and contemporary habitats, what is it […]

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